Hello! I'm Luca, a spanish film mayor and currently concept art student. As a digital freelance artist, I aspire to get work as character designer and illustrator. I love story heavy videogames, D&D and narrative improvisation, so most of my work is inspired by it.


One character = 30€

Simple background = +15€


terms of service


▾All prices are in Euros (€).
▾Price may increase based on the complexity of the character.
▾All commissioners are given at least 1-2 chances to ask for adjustments/corrections, and any further rounds of corrections will be at an additional cost of 5€.
▾A design fee of 15€ is added for characters with no confirmed visual references.
▾Turnaround time will be stated once the commission has been confirmed, but commissioners may ask for a quicker turnaround or earlier deadline for extra cost.


▾Payment upfront through Paypal invoices, so please provide your email after confirmation of your slot.
▾Commissioners may cancel the commission before the first payment, or before the artist has done any work, and receive a full refund.
▾Refunds will not be given once the commission is finished, though corrections and adjustments can be asked for.


▾The artist retains the right to crop, edit, or alter the image for promotional use (commissions, artist introduction posts, etc.).
▾The commissioner may post the full commissioned piece on any of their platforms as long as they credit the artist.
▾The commissioner can not claim the artwork as their own.
▾All commissions are for personal use only, unless negotiated otherwise beforehand.
▾The client may not make profit off of the piece. Examples include but are not limited to the sale of digital prints, physical items, etc.

Canon charactersNSFW
Original charactersMecha
Stylised blood / goreReal people

I reserve the right to decline anything I feel unfit to draw.


If you are interested in commissioning me please reach me through twitter direct messages or email. If you contact me anywhere else I will eventually get back to you but I’ll be slower as I check the rest of social networks way less often.